Our Beer List

  • 1

    Crush Time Kölsch

    Hard day or just really need a beer? When in doubt crush a kölsch or three…Raney Cellars specialty is served in a traditional Stange glass.

    32 oz Crowler $9, 64 oz Growler $18

    4.4% ABV
  • 2

    Faux Pilsner

    Traditionally hopped pilsner made with nordic ale yeast

    32 oz Crowlers $10/ 64 oz Growler $16

    5.5% ABV
  • 3

    Lemon Pineapple Float IPA

    Our Float IPA Series with Meyer Lemon and Pineapple finished with creamy vanilla.

    32 oz Crowler $11/ 64 oz Growler $18

    8% ABV
  • 4


    West Coast IPA dry hopped with Citra and Centennial

    32 oz Crowler $10, 64 oz Growler $16

    6.2% ABV
  • 5

    Dankity Do-Da #10

    Newest Dankity dry hopped exclusively with Cryo Mosaic

    32 oz Crowler $11, 64 oz Growler $18

    7% ABV
  • 6

    Pure Joy Porter

    Full bodied “Pure Joy” of a porter with big flavors of dark chocolate and full bodied roast.

    32 oz Crowler $10, 64 oz Growler $20

    5.1% ABV
  • 7

    Haze Berry

    Blackberry IPA dry hopped with all Cryo Mosaic

    32 oz Crowler $10, 64 oz Growler $20

    5.5% ABV
  • 8

    Beach Life

    West Coast IPA with Nelson Sauvin and Citra hops.

    32 oz Crowler $11, Growler fill $18

    6.8% ABV
  • 9

    Lemonade Tart

    Slightly tart ale with lemonade.

    32 oz Crowler $10 64 oz Growler fill $16

    4.2% ABV
  • 10

    Blonde and Zesty 2.0

    Blonde Ale with Orange zest

    32 oz Crowler $10, 64 oz Growler $20

    6.1% ABV

Don't like beer? That's alright. Come in anyway. We also have wine, juice and soda available.

Food & Events

Jun 19, 2021

Dough Heads Waffles 4 PM

Wocket [wok-it]: Short for Waffle Pocket. Pressed to perfection resulting in a crispy exterior and a densely soft interior stuffed with our many unique fillings.

Jun 26, 2021

Partake Lancaster Charcuterie 4PM

Partake- Lancaster Charcuterie is a locally sourced charcuterie caterer, creating fantastic products for Lancaster County

Jul 10, 2021

Nano Grill 2 PM

Burger Sliders and loaded fries!

About Our Brewery

Our love for beer has grown from home brewing in Austin, Texas to living the brewery life at Bonfire Brewing in Eagle, Colorado.

We have settled in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to bring a relaxed brewery experience to Millersville, PA. With a fresh and ever evolving tap list and a budding barrel aging program, we hope to give our customers a chill place to hang out for years to come.

We do not have a kitchen, but you are welcome to bring in food from your favorite place or order delivery. We will have food trucks seasonally, so check social media for more information @raneycellarsbrewing. There is also always free popcorn!


Sara and Sean

Come Check Us Out

Address • 11 Manor Avenue
Millersville, Pa 17551

Hours • Wednesday – Friday 4PM – 8PM
Saturday 2PM – 8PM
Sunday 2PM – 6PM

Phone • 717.584.5085